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Blues & Jazz Session // Opening: KINGS OF SPREEDELTA
doors: 21h
entry. 5/2€
28 Nov @

Jeden Dienstag laden Hangar 49 und Bands und Musiker aus der Berliner Blues, Jazz, Funk und deren artverwanden Szene zu den "Hangar Sessions" ein. Euch erwartet ein Konzert und im Anschluss eine Jam Session. 

Den heutigen Abend eröffnen die wunderbaren Kings of Spreedelta.
Sie sind schon Residents der Session und die Jungs haben den Swing im Nacken, den Jazz im Blut und den Blues unter den Fingernägeln. Direkt aus dem Spreewald kommend, wissen die Kings of Spreedelta, wie ein schneller und dreckiger Swing mit ner Prise Blues klingen muss.

doors: 9pm
stage: 10pm
costs: 5/2 euro

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:::  F r e e  J a m  S e s s i o n  :::
doors open: 20h entry free
29 Nov @

 + + +  e v e r y   w e d n e s d a y  + + + 

HANGAR 49 's
F r e e  J a m  S e s s i o n

open stage - open mics - open minds

the freest jam in berlin!
extraordinary styles or instruments welcome.
feel free to express yourself -
as long as you don't bother others.
and please be fair and let the others play as well!

free entry!
Live:  7 DAYS IN ALASKA  (rock / NOR)
doors: 20h
30 Nov @

Bild könnte enthalten: Himmel, Baum, Wolken, Pflanze, im Freien und Natur

From demos to a personal invitation to do a studio session with Grammy winner Nathan Dantzler in L.A, placement on iTunes top 10 (Norway) and play listing on Norway's biggest broadcasting radio station of the debut single «Us Against The World», we have 7 Days In Alaska. 7 Days In Alaska is Martin Bjerke, Chris Gundersen and Lars Takla.

Inspired by the childhood heroes from U2 and Muse, 7 Days In Alaska presents pop/rock with energetic elements like guitar riffs, playful synth melodies, drifting vocals with catchy hooks and majestic drums that builds upon their distinctive sound.

Now signed to Kickstart and MTG Music, 7 Days In Alaska have spent the last year touring Norway, while recently finishing their debut album with producer Nathan Dantzler and «The Hit Lab» in Nashville.

SPH  B a n d c o n t e s t  _ Vorrunde
doors: 18h
entry: 7€
2 Dec @

Die heutige Vorrunde bestreiten:


U _ S t a g e
7 Dec @

Hangar 49 hosts another round of
U-STAGE // Newcomers in Berlin!

This time around three acts take the turn:
War with the Newts
Live: ORATNITZA (ethnobass / BGR) / HIGH ROLL (drum'n'bass / BGR)
doors: 20h
8 Dec @

Bild könnte enthalten: 6 Personen, Personen, die lachen, Personen, die stehen, Bart und Text

Oratnitza and High Roll equal musicality, bass and originality.

ORATNITZA has played many times before in Berlin, but now for the first time in Berlin, they will come in a new form... The band has expanded to a sextet, having added 2 amazing female singers (Asya - Merudia / Comsic Voices from Bulgaria, Diyana - Mystery of Bulgarian Voices / Ensemble Trakya). You will be amazed by the magic and energy Oratnitza will surprise you by!

Listen to the quartet here:

HIGH ROLL (HMSU / Formation Records), are very well known in Bulgaria and lately significantly gaining traction on the international Drum 'n' Bass scene, from the UK all the way to Moscow. This will their debut in Berlin, so make sure to be part of it!

Listen to the duo here:

More info soon!

TIQ  _  q u a d r a t i c  w a v e
doors: 23:45
9 Dec @

Kein automatischer Alternativtext verfügbar.

best party for minimal / synth / wave sounds.

this time performing:
Egoprisme feat. RULA El BAHR live
and other DJs

FLORIAN GREY // The Acoustic Shows 2017
doors: 20h
14 Dec @

Music Lights Berlin präsentiert
Florian Grey – The Acoustic Shows 2017

Bild könnte enthalten: Text und im Freien

Florian Grey nutzt die Zeit zwischen den Arbeiten am neuen Album, um vier exklusive Akustik-Konzerte in ausgewählten Städten zu spielen.

Zu Beginn der besinnlichen Jahreszeit präsentiert Florian Grey Songs seines aktuellen Albums „Gone“, sowie handverlesene Lieblingsstücke aus anderer Feder - akustisch und in intimer Atmosphäre. Dieses besondere und auf den wesentlichen Kern reduzierte Set wird von seinen Mitmusikern Von Marengo, Simon Zlotos und Yannik Rage Bockelmann an zwei Akustikgitarren und am Piano begleitet.

Florian Grey begrüßt verschiedene musikalische Gäste, die ebenfalls im akustischen Gewand, an den Konzertabenden das Programm eröffnen.
Q u a l i a  presents:
SONS OF AN OLDER COSMOS _ ritual musick
doors: 20h
16 Dec @

Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person, lächelnd, Text

Qualia presents:
SONS OF AN OLDER COSMOS - An evening of Ritual Musick

The power of Ritual Musick returns to Berlin again in december. Supported by four sublime projects, presenting the different styles of occultism musick, we celebrate a magick evening.


Aesthetic Meat Front, probably considered more art than music is ritualistic noise. Noise, less clangy and almost ambient in nature drips through the air. Haunting voices and images, sounds that send shivers up the spine, and textures swell about, sending your thoughts to places you might otherwise want or need to forget. This rather intense noise was designed for use durring often bloody rituals involving anything from animal parts to body modification.

(First time live in Germany)
Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or is the most outstanding creature hailing from the sardinan obscure collective Trasponsonic. It was founded in late 2007 and it has released six albums to date. Julian Cope count them as one of the most interesting bands of the last decade.
The new album, Anacalypsis, out on Boring Machines Label, is the latest effort from the Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or, an incredible blending of ancestral past and post-industria decadence. The album consists of three tracks of sombre rituals, thundering beats and terrifying screams.Celebrants for this ritual are:
MS Miroslaw - Sacred Horse Skull, Clarinet, Vocals, Percussions
Laura Dem - Bass, Synths, Samples,Ghost

VRNA is Italian post-apocalyptic composer Gianluca Martucci.
Started in 1998, he has several releases on various labels such as Slaughter Prod, Brave Mysteries, Yerevan Tapes, and many other.
Using a wide variety of folk instruments, atmospheric recording environments and electronic manipulations, he has truly stretched the microverse of VRNA to reflect the vacuous psychedelia of an ancient mind casting spells in a modern world. VRNA explores these mysterious territories among tenebrous, misty and dilated sounds, primordial dances and mystical songs.

It was the holotropic breathwork concept by Stanislaw Grof that inspired the name of the ritualistic psychedelic project of Tino Seibt, who draws on Grof's ideas, shamen's knowledge and his own trips, both in the real world and the psychedelic ones, as well as teachings of altered states of consciousness, to try using sounds and music to evoke visions in normal conditions unattainable by the human psyche. Thanks to the unique combination of sounds of electronic and acoustic instruments, Holotrop explores the boundaries between reality and dream, intellect and feelings, ecstasy and meditation.

After-Show-Party with
DJ DISORDER and Martyn Flesh (clubIdebil)