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:::  F r e e  J a m  S e s s i o n  :::
doors: 19h
admission: free!
19 Feb @

- no info -

* K i e z  K a r a o k e * im Exil
doors: 20:20
20 Feb @

Kiez Karaoke ist eine uralte Institution der berliner Karaoke-Landschaft, manche sagen, so alt wie das Wort Karaoke selbst.
Mit der Weltreise des Kiez-Karaoke-Papas Borstel ist Berlin nun seit Monaten auf sich gestellt, wenn es um abendliche Mitsing-Unterhaltung geht. Das kann so nicht weiter gehen!
Der Hangar 49 hat sich bereit erklärt den Stimmband-Akrobaten am 20.02.2020 Einlass zu gewähren.
Unter der fachkundigen Betreuung von KJ Phips darf einen Abend lang geträllert werden, als wäre man wieder im NBI (oder sogar im Knaack)


Jungle Rave Book: Get Grounded

doors: 22h
21 Feb @

Join the sustainable rave movement!

Did you know that one Berlin club emits in one weekend, as much C02, as a household for a year? If you believe that friday for future strikes, are not enough. If you question yourself "how can I become more sustainable, in a big, sin city?". This event is made for you.
Grounded 4, has curated for you, a unique sustainable event. An art-showcase with diverse artists, followed by an after-party with DJ sets, from upcoming Berlin artists. Prepare your mind to be blown.

Here is the lineup :
Tour øf Soul
Willy Wonker

But wait, you must think, "how the hell can they be sustainable?" Well, partying to reforest the planet is easy (with our partner "Plant a tree"). Here are the things you can expect:

1) One tree will be planted, for each ticket registered, or person walking through our heaven's jungle door.
2) A cosmic jungle made out of rescued plants from flower shops across Berlin.
3) Our dedicated sustainable Mezcal Bar, you only live once.
4) Convinced ? Just come and see, there is so much more we can do together.

This rave is approved by Greta Thunberg.

PS: Who said you could not party your ass off, while saving the planet?

* M i r  M i x  B a s h *
22 Feb @

MIRMIX Bash, der transkulturelle Clash ist 2020 wieder für euch am Start und bringt die schönsten Globalmusic-Kollektive an die Spree.

Diesmal feiern wir die Weltvermischung im Latin-Style: Mit den internationalen Klängen von unseren Freunden Sistema Sonidero - "Cucucumbia aus Berlin". Mit dem psychedelischen Sound der Band @La Chicharra aus Peru. Leckere Global Beats, Ethno Grooves und Cumbia werden von den DJs Interpaul, Pebre & Svetomusika serviert. // #RauchenBitteDraussen


VVK 8€ /AK 10€ / ab 0Uhr 6€

Cumbia trifft Reggae/Dancehall trifft die Siebziger: Sistema Sonidero ist Fusion vom Feinsten. Es ist ein Wirbelwind aus unzähligen Genres, Kulturen und Ideen, so vielfältig und durchtrieben wie die Hauptstadt selbst. Denn Berlin mag ihre Wahlheimat sein, doch diese Truppe hat aus aller Welt das heißeste zusammengetragen, was ihre Straßen so zu bieten haben. Mit internationalen Klängen aus drei verschiedenen Kontinenten ist für jeden was dabei – von allem ein bisschen, und von jedem nur das Beste!

..:: LA CHICHARRA ::..
La Chicharra bringen euch einen wunderbaren Mix aus dem psychedelischen Chicha, den Folklore-Rhythmen von Peru, dem Surf-Rock und Cumbia von der Bühne auf den Dancefloor!

..:: INTERPAUL ::..
Der Erfinder und der ständige Hüter des MIRMIX'es. Der Lehrer der Global"musik"Wirtschaft. Der Vermischer, der bunte Smoothie in sich.

Svetomusika aka Svetlana Müller ist das Urgestein der Berliner Worldmusic-Szene. Mit ihrem Mix von Ska bis Salsa bringt sie die Sonne in den die müden, vom Winter geplagte Knochen. Dabei schwingt sie zu gerne auch selbst das Tanzbei.

..:: PEBRE ::..
The Tribal Electro, Ethno Electro of Pebre is the combination of the tropical bass, electro cumbia, electronic music, synthesizers with tribal sounds, charangos, antaras flutes, between another southern sounds from Southamerica.
All the set of Pebre is in live act to enjoy a organic trip inside of the soul. Everyone is invited to be part of the Pebre Tribe and enjoy the Tribal Electro Music!

..:: TICKETS ::..
An allen bekannten Vorverkaufsstellen mit CTS-System.
VVK 8€ /AK 10€/ab 0Uhr 6€

Live:  LiVES

25 Feb @

LiVES präsentiert seine neue EP Naked.

check out:

:::  F r e e  J a m  S e s s i o n  :::
doors: 19h
admission: free!
26 Feb @

every wednesday
open stage – open mic – open mind
the freest jam in berlin!

extraordinary styles or instruments welcome.
feel free to express yourself -
as long as you don't bother others.
and please be fair and let the others play as well!

On stage you find a drumkit,
guitar + amp, bass + amp, keys,
mics / di

** freier Eintritt / free entry **
** ca. 7pm - 1/2pm **

respect the club and don't bring your own drinks!


The Funky Strut
doors: 23h
entry 5€
28 Feb @

It is the year 2020 and The Funky Strut is back for more!
Since this number really sounds like "even more is even more" we will start with a bit less but still three DJs for you to get down with.
Freshest funky grooves from around the globe will be presented by our guest Lucky Loop who is one more shiny member of our all mighty connection Beat Kollektiv and of cause by your funknatic residents Kojo Amaté & Kreme DJ.
Save the date, bring your friends and make the dancefloor shine bright!

* L a  B o m b a _ Cumbia Party *
doors: 21h
admission: 10/8/7€
29 Feb @

WELCOME SPRING! We slide into spring on this unique day that only happens once in 4 years. Look forward to the Cumbia Classics Tribute by La Internaciónal Sonora "El Colectivo" and the presentation of the new album "Calle de barro" by Chochán Volador. Cumbia and Latin Hits all night long by Matt Cuculic & DAGVII. #SmokingOnlyOutside
🔥100 Free Shots by MexiLove - Berliner Tomatenschnaps🔥

…∞…La Internaciónal Sonora "EL COLECTIVO"…∞…
The Berlin based band is playing Cumbia Classics as a tribute to the best Cumbia hits & artists from Latin America.

(Murga, Cumbia, Milonga... / Berlin)
Chochán Volador’s music is poetry, groove, and political statement – drawing from a rich spectrum of influences from Latin-American rhythms like Milonga, Tango, Murga and Cumbia, as well as Rock, Ska and Blues. The band formed in Berlin in 2016; however, they are originally from Argentina, Mexico and Germany with new musicians also coming from Spain and Chile. With their distinct approach to storytelling and irresistible beats, Chochán Volador has crafted music that goes straight into your heart and mind. The fusion of rhythms makes people dance, smile and fall in love with the groove. While their lyrics talk about corruption, racism, sexism, social inequality or environmental pollution.

Singer from the Berlin based Messtizaje Band is playing a beautiful mix of cumbia and cumbia electronica. Best tracks for the dancefloor!

(MirMix - Global Music Club, La Bomba Cumbia Party Berlin)
Boundless as his music, he has traversed the musical landscape since he was a child. His crossover of traditional sounds and modern beats tears down any cultural walls. It is accompaniment, atmosphere, inspiration and comfort all in one – energetic and uplifting to the last drop. At La Bomba he plays digital cumbia mixed with global bass and surprised latin music.

8,- pre sales (+fees) / 10,- box office / 7,- from 0:30

Live: CLOUD 9+  (acoustic)
doors: 20h
3 Mar @

Cloud 9+ is one of the most modern bands of Hungary. The band combines live instrumental-type rock/hiphop with a modern clash of drum&bass and dubstep. The band released their first song in 2013 and in the past seven years they have become a constant element of the Hungarian and European music scene. Their physical and virtual appearance stands out of the crowd: their YouTube channel has attracted more than 5 million views altogether with hit songs like „Hide the Pain”, „Breathe In” and „Lights”. Their albums (The Next Step, 2017, Mixtape, 2019) combine English and Hungarian lyrics and a clash of drum&bass, pop, rock and dubstep. In 2019 they closed a successful year with a new album, a European tour and a handful of full house shows in Hungary.
This night CLOUD 9+ will play an acoustic concert.

* U r b a n  P o e t r y  N i g h t  001 *
doors: 23h
admission: 8€
6 Mar @

Urban Poetry Night 001

Jaskin & Uneven
[None60, Regression Media, Kosmos Music/ Bristol, UK]

[Cosmic Bridge, Samurai, Subchannel, Urban Poetry/ Leipzig, GER]

[Paradise Lost, Urban Poetry/ Berlin, GER]

Ronnie Urban
[DDM, Potschappel Underground, Urban Poetry/ Berlin, GER]

[Impulse Basskultur, Urban Poetry/ Berlin, GER]

Urban Poetry is very happy to present to you its first exclusive night in Berlin. We invite you to Hangar49: a cosy gem of a club, located in the historical viaduct under the S-Bahn trail next to the river Spree. Come and celebrate with us a night full of sub-bass deepness, adventurous grooves and friendly vibes. Things are going to happen!

JASKIN & UNEVEN, our first guests, haven't released on Urban Poetry just yet, but are two rising stars within the ever-growing 170 galaxy. With releases on None60, Regression Media, Kos.Mos Music and others, the Duo has proven its distinct, soulful and versatile sound to work on dancefloors all over the world. As well as producing, they also throw their own nights, EPI-FIED, in the UK and are well experienced DJs in their own right. Hailing all the way from Bristol, we are very happy to have them with us on our first night. Not only that, but this is also their Berlin Debut! So, let’s give them a warm welcome together!

ES.TEREO joins us all the way from Leipzig and is probably one of Germany’s most promising artists. He has been contributing to the scene for many, many years now. From releasing the unforgotten Blurmotion EP in 2009, which also marks the first release of Urban Poetry’s second wave, to his recently founded label Subchannel Music, he has taken a long journey through sound. This journey has brought him to legendary labels like Hidden Hawaii, Samurai Music and Cosmic Bridge. During all these years he has also been a stable support to Urban Poetry; so we are very happy to have him with us for our debut night!

ZYCH, the (the) Berlin Duo, was another first timer for Urban Poetry. They produced our first cassette release, back in 2018. These guys have developed their very own and special sound, which can't be easily described: a wild and creative mix between Ambient, Bass Music and abstract Drum And Bass. You have to witness it for yourself. As two experienced musicians, using ZYCH as their outlet for a musical more free and unconventional approach, we are very excited to hear them perform. Always remember: „Der Adler kreist über die Stümpfe und Wipfel.“ It is really great to have them with us at this special night!

RONNIE URBAN is one of the unsung heroes of the label, as he is „the eye“ for it. His photographs have adorned almost every Urban Poetry cover to this day, and will continue to do so. His DJing and selection skills are also exceptional and he is someone who truly deserves the title „a DJ’s DJ“. Being an active part of Dresden’s Bass Music scene for almost two decades now, he is still doing the Palm Springs Disco with his collective ‘Potschappel Underground’. His sets are legendary and he has the special touch - so you better not miss him! (It’s a good chance to tell him how good his work is too).

Lastly, we have TURRICAN. He is the founding father of Urban Poetry. As part of the Impulse Basskultur Collective and playing out for almost over 20 years now, he has developed his very own idea of 170 Bass Music and is still good for a surprise. After releasing the Secret Cvlture LP from Kodama on 12“ vinyl in 2019 (go get it!), he is very happy to present to you this first Urban Poetry Night at 6th of March 2020.

So, come visit us at the Hangar 49 and celebrate a night full of deep flavours, heavy basslines and good vibes. We are very happy to welcome you as part of the Urban Poetry family. There will be some special Urban Poetry goodies for the night as well. And of course, expect some beats you have never heard before! The extravaganza starts at 23:00 – so make sure to be there early and see you on March the 6th 2020 at Hangar 49.

Save the date!

* Flowers of Romance *
doors: 23:59
7 Mar @

synth minimal electro retrowave flexiwave italo postpunk